A Brief Outlook
PT. Matesu Abadi is an Indonesian company providing products and services for three major industries: industrial gases & related equipment, natural gas equipments (CNG/LNG), and medical apparatus. Our company caters to the needs of the industrial gases business by trading products such as gas cylinders, valves, and of course providing services such as gas filling stations. We also provide medical-grade gases, which complements the range of products offered by our medical division. We are also providing the same excellent equipments for the CNG/LNG industry. PT. Matesu Abadi is built upon our principle of providing the best possible service to ensure customer satisfaction.

PT. Matesu Abadi started out as a sole proprietorship company, taking its first step into the industrial gases industry by trading its first cylinder and valve in 1986. Expansion continued, and in 1989, we opened Indonesia's first private (non-factory) gas filling station in Jakarta. Business growth eventually led to the establishment of the name PT. Matesu Abadi in 1991.

Throughout the 1990's, we continued our growth by expanding our reach, through the building of more gas filling stations surrounding Jakarta's industrial zones; and by increasing our product selections, especially gas cylinders and tanks, complimentary accessories, and cryogenic products. The 1990's also saw PT. Matesu Abadi beginning its foray into the medical apparatus industry, supported by Shin-ei Industries (Japan), whose partnership has become invaluable to us now.

Today, PT. Matesu Abadi has established itself as one the major equipment suppliers in Indonesia's gas industry, being the sole distributor of many products from manufacturers worldwide - Japan, England, USA, China, and especially Indonesia's local brands. Our growing medical division has also supplied quality products into hospitals and distributors all over Indonesia, with an increasing product line. We have extended our reach into new cities through the opening of a new filling station in Batam, and the acquisition of CV. Gotty & Son to become PT. Matesu Gotty Abadi in Surabaya; and of course, through sub-distributors all over Indonesia.

PT. Matesu Abadi aims to grow by becoming a one-stop shop to all customers' needs.

We aim to exceed customer satisfaction in service, product quality and value.
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