Industrial & Medical Gases

Various gases available for your industrial, laboratory and medical needs.

Industrial Gases Equipment

A one-stop for all your industrial gases equipment needs. From cylinders, valves, regulators, to storage tanks and laser gas storage systems. If it's not listed, call us and we will find it for you.

Cryogenic Tanks & Equipment

Cryogenic equipment such as tanks, cylinders, vapourisers, transport tanks, and accessories


Various medical equipments related to medical gases, such as nebulisers, anesthesia machine, and also homecare products such as the digital blood pressure monitors.

CNG Equipment

A compilation of all your CNG / LNG equipments needs, such as cylinders, conversion kits (including LPG kits), storage tanks, transport tanks, and accessories such as cryogenic & high pressure valves, hoses, regulators, etc.

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