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High Pressure Cryogenic Cylinder

Cryogenic cylinders used to transport small amounts of cryogenic liquids. More commonly known in Indonesia as VGL cylinders.

Also available with DOT 4L and Canadian 4C standard

Model DPL450-175-2.02II
Applicable Specification GB 24159-2009
Dimesions (O.D. x Height) (mm) ±508x1480
Empty Weight (kg) 131
Nominal Working Pressure (Mpa) 2.02
Insulation High Vaccum Multi-Layer Thermal Insulation
Material Austenistic Stainless Steel (0Cr18Ni9 or 304)
Design Temperature -196
Setting Pressure of Safety Device (Mpa) Safety Valve set pressure - 2.41; bursting disc burst pressure - 4.03
Operating Pressure Set in Factory (Mpa) 2.07~2.17
Nominal Volume (L) 175
Effective Liquid Capacity (L) 165
Filling Medium LO2 LN2 LAr LCO2 LN2O
Storage Capacity (Nm3) 114 91 111 89 84
Max Filling Weight (kg) 163 114 198 176 166
Evaporation Rate (%/day) LN2 ≤2.1
Gas Flow Rate Scfh (Nm3/hr) LO/LN/LAr: 350(9.2); LCO, LNO: 110(3)
Liquid Level Gauge Float
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