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Very High Pressure Cryogenic Cylinder

Cryogenic cylinders for transporting small amounts of cryogenic liquids. More commonly known in Indonesia as VGL cylinders. Designed to withstand higher pressures that other cryogenic cylinders.

All our cryogenic cylinders are Beijing Tianhai (BTIC) cylinders.

Type DPL447-205-2.84I
Applicable standard GB24519-2009
Empty weight 180kg
Setting pressure of safety device Safety valve set pressure - 3.38 MPa, burst pressure of bursting disc - 5.17 MPa
Operating pressure set in factory 2.76~2.86 MPa
Nominal volume 205L
Effective capacity 193L
Filling medium LO2 LN2 LAr LCO2
Storage capacity/gas (Nm3) 126 95 123 96
Max filling weight (kg) 181 119 220 190
Design temperature -196oC
Insulation type High Vacuum multi-layer thermal insulation
Material Austenistic stainless steel (0Cr18Ni9/304)
Evaporation rate ≤2.0 LN2
Gas flow rate Scfh (Nm3/hr) LO2/LN2/LAr: 350(9.2), LCO2: 150(3.9)
Liquid level gauge Float

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