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Industrial & Medical Gases

Mixed Gases

Gases are often mixed for various purposes where a single gas usually is not suitable due to constraints of costs, or for example simply adjusting the gas concentrations for the strict conditions needed by laboratories.

Commonly requested mixed gases:

Argon + CO2 Mix
Known by a few names, such as Alcal, Arcom, etc. This gas mixture is commonly used for shielding gas during welding. The presence of CO2 also makes the mixture acceptable to substitute for standard purity CO2 at times when it is not available.

Helium + O2 Mix
More commonly known as Heliox, this gas mixture is used mainly for medical purposes, due to its characteristics that allow for easy ventilation of the lungs. Also used for diving, although more rarely so.

Other Mixed Gases
Laboratories often need a specific combination of gases for their research. One such use is for calibrating Gas Chromatography (GC) equipment. Whatever gas you need, please feel free to contact us.

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